2018 HCPCS Codes

2018 HCPCS Codes with Long and Short Descriptions

What's included:

  • Single User Liscense to all official 2018 HCPCS codes
  • 2018 HCPCS code data files in TXT, CSV, and XLS formats

Multiple Users

If you need to purchase more than one user license, adjust the quantity added to the cart. For example, if you need five user licenses, set the quantity to 5 and add the codes to the cart. Alternatively, you can adjust the number of licenses in your shopping cart under the "Licenses" column.

For licensing purposes, an individual is a "User" if he or she directly accesses the data either in the original data file or through an application that has imported the data.  In the case where CPT is embedded in an application and not directly accessible, if the individual relies on the embedded data to perform his or her intended function with the application or its output, then they are also considered a user.


The BITSCodes HCPCS file contains all official HCPCS Diagnosis codes with long descriptions for Fiscal Year 2018.

Your BITSCodes subscription will include changes to the 2018 data if any, at no additional charge during the term of your subscription.

This data file is raw data and is designed to be loaded into another application like the Free Medical Code ViewerMicrosoft Excel or a Practice Management System.

To provide maximum flexibility and ease of installation, the data file is supplied in the three most common formats: fixed length (.txt), comma delimited (.csv), and Excel format (.xls).

Below is a sample of the data you will receive:

A0021 Ambulance service outside state per mile transport (medicaid only) Outside state ambulance serv
A0080 Non-emergency transportation per mile - vehicle provided by volunteer Noninterest escort in non er
A0090 Non-emergency transportation per mile - vehicle provided by individual (family Interest escort in non er
A0100 Non-emergency transportation taxi Nonemergency transport taxi
A0110 Non-emergency transportation and bus intra or inter state carrier Nonemergency transport bus
A0120 Non-emergency transportation: mini-bus mountain area transports or other Noner transport mini-bus
A0130 Non-emergency transportation: wheelchair van Noner transport wheelch van
A0140 Non-emergency transportation and air travel (private or commercial) intra or Nonemergency transport air
A0160 Non-emergency transportation: per mile - case worker or social worker Noner transport case worker
A0170 Transportation ancillary: parking fees tolls other Transport parking feestolls


2018 HCPCS Codes Plain Text (TXT) Version:

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