How will I receive the data files I purchase?

You will be able to download your files from your 'My Account' page after the payment has been received. This page is available after a purchase or any time you log into the website. A listing of all your orders will be available and next to each product purchased will be a download link.

Does the data file come with software?

No. The data file is data only and will require another application to open and view the data. This application can be a program like Excel, Access. The data can also be imported into a Practice Managment Software System, but may first require modifications.

How many times can I download the file?

You may download the file as many times as you need for up to 1 year from date of purchase.

What is your refund policy?

Because data files are immediately downloadable, we are unable to provide a money back guarantee. All sales are final.

How do you define a 'user'?

We consider an individual a user if he or she directly accesses the data either in the original data file or through an application that has imported the data. In the case where CPT is embedded in an application and not directly accessible, if the individual relies on the embedded data to perform his or her intended function with the application or its output, then they are also considered a user.

Will licenses purchased through BitsCodes count if I am audited by the AMA for having the proper number of user licenses?

Yes, Belleview Information Technology Services, LLC is an authorized licensing agent for the American Medical Association (AMA). If you are audited or questioned by the AMA about licensing compliance, we will provide you and the AMA with written documentation to support the products and licenses you have purchased.

How secure is my purchase information?

BitCodes.com takes extra precautions to ensure your security. BITS uses Extended Validation (EV) SSL encryption to securely transmit personal information. The Extended Validation (EV) indicator causes your browser bar to turn green to assure you that your connection is safely encrypted. BITS also stores all confidential information 'as' AES 256 encrypted data, exceeding the industry requirements.

Will BITSCodes work with application developers to provide the data in custom formats?

Yes, BITSCodes will provide its data files in a custom format. We parter with software venders such as ProSourceMD www.prosourcemd.com for custom coding tools. Requests should be directed to info@bitscodes.com.