2017 Medicare Fee Schedules

2017 Medicare Fee Schedule customized for your Zip Code and Carrier

Zip Code used to lookup Fee Schedule data.


The BITSCodes 2017 Medicare Fee Schedule file contains the official crosswalk for zipcode to carrier/locality with the related 2016 HCPCS codes.

Enter a zip code and the carrier will be matched upon purchace.

Your BITSCodes subscription will include changes to the 2017 data if any, at no additional charge during the term of your subscription.

This data file is raw data and is designed to be loaded into another application like the Free Medical Code ViewerMicrosoft Excel or a Practice Management System.

To provide maximum flexibility and ease of installation, the data file is supplied in the three most common formats: fixed length (.txt), comma delimited (.csv), and Excel format (.xls).

Below is a sample of the data you will receive:

Year Carrier Locality HCPCS Modifier NonFacilityFee FacilityFee Filler StatusCode
2017 01112 03 G0105 53 0000226.64 0000108.76   A

MultipleSurgeryIndicator Therapy50PerCentReductionOffice Therapy50PerCentReductionInstitutional OPPSIndicator OPPSNonFacilityFeeAmount OPPSFacilityFeeAmount
2 0000000.00 0000000.00 9 0000000.00 0000000.00


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