Free Medical Code Viewer

The Free ProSourceMD Tools Code Viewer gives users an easy way to view, search and sort medical data codes.


Free Medical Coder Tool and Medical Code Viewer


The Free ProSourceMD Tools Code Viewer from ProSourceMD gives users an easy way to view, search and sort medical data codes like CPT Procedure Codes, ICD10 Code, HCPCS Codes, Modifiers, Taxonomy Codes, Medicare Edits, Anesthesia Codes and Base Units data files purchased from the BITSCodes website

Interrelated code sets work together, so for example, when both the ICD10 codes and the Medicare Edits are added, the related edits will display for each ICD10 code displayed.  When both CPT codes and Anesthesia Base units are included, the anesthesia base units will display for the related CPT code.  The more code sets included in the Free ProSourceMD Tools Code Viewer, the more coding resources and relationships you have.

This tool works with medical data files purchased from Belleview Information Technology Services, LLC (BITS).

Medical Codes available for viewing in the tool:

  • CPT Codes

  • ICD-9 Codes

  • ICD-10 Codes

  • HCPCS Codes

  • Anesthesia Codes

  • Modifier Codes

  • UB04 Codes

  • Taxonomy Codes

  • Crosswalk Codes

  • Edits


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This tool is part of ProSourceMD Tools:

  • Free Anesthesia Billing Software Tools

  • Free Practice Management Billing Software Tools

  • Free Medical Coding Tools

The Free ProSourceMD Tools package is a component of the ProSourceMD Practice Management and Billing Software Package which offers next generation technology and tools for optimizing the biller and doctors bottom line.  ProSourceMD is used by practices and medical billing services for both anesthesia and general medical billing. 


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